Arts & Culture Writer

Soccer Writer
Yahoo / Reuters: Curtain-raiser for 2010 World Cup Interview with Lucas Radebe Ghosts Haunt the Netherlands Qualifying Game
Forward: Award-winning profile of World Cup referee Abraham Klein
Plus a regular contributor to award-winning American soccer magazine 8by8mag.
    Articles from each issue in print (clips on request)

Short Story Writer
The Complete Letters of M. Blanc ebook from a writer in pre-War Paris, with literary pretensions

Umberto Eco on conspiracies and novels
Roseanne Barr and world justice
Daniel Libeskind on the 10th anniversary of 9/11
Yotam Ottolenghi — they’re eating from his hands
Gary Shteyngart is an epicure on rye

Kveller : Observations on Being a Father at Raising Kvell
Souciant: 80s Pop Music With 20/20 Hindsight
Forward: Jewish Arts & Culture

Comedy Writer
The Forward Purim Special — The Backward
Ali G — Da Ali G Show and Da Gospel According to Ali G

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