Dan Friedman


Dan Friedman wrote for “Da Ali G Show”and is both qualified soccer coach and certified lifeguard.

He is the executive editor of the Forward (www.forward.com), where he is the resident curmudgeon and regularly writes about culture, whisky and other things. In 2001, he was a founding editor of Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture.

He reviews books for the Los Angeles Review of Books and is a contributing editor writing funnies and some seriouses about soccer for 8by8 Magazine. In addition he has written for, among others, the Wall Street Journal, NYTimes.com, Financial Times, Reuters and Yahoo.

He has a PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale and an MA in English Literature from Cambridge and has taught poetry, literature, writing and film at Cambridge and Yale.

You can buy his e-book, The Complete Letters of M. Blanc, from Dutch Kills Press
On Kindle in America, the UK, or Australia.
On Atavist (for web, desktop folk).
On Apple.

You can contact him at danfried at aya dot yale dot edu

NB He is not this right-wing “kindergarten kid” Dan Friedman.

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